Big book no-one’s really read

Who remembers Franz Ferdinand? Come on, it’s only been about three years since their last album. What do you mean, they’re kind of irrelevant now? I know we all got a bit caught up in the hype and the clothes, but they had some good tunes. ‘Take Me Out’…that other one…the one called ‘Michael’ that was a little bit gay…the last one. Well, they’re back after what’s felt like an age, with the first single from their third album, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand.

(I’d just like to make it clear I didn’t make the above on photoshop. It’s the actual album cover).

The single is entitled ‘Ulysses’ and it isn’t a huge departure from what we’ve heard from them in the past. Having said that it’s definitely an improvement on anything from their second album, and is fairly catchy from the off. In fact, I have to admit to quite liking it, which for a band I’ve never been a huge fan of is saying something. It certainly has ‘Radio 1 Smash’ written all over it. I very much like the squelchy keyboard sounds and Alex Kapranos’ voice sounds brilliant…for a forty year old (come on Alex, we all know you lied).


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