Jigga what? Jigga who?

Jay-Z has been all over the place of late. What with all that Glastonbury nonsense with musical neanderthal Noel Gallagher, marrying the bootylicious Beyonce, signing a multi-million dollar contract with Live Nation, releasing ‘Swagga Like Us’– the M.I.A-sampling single that also featured Kanye, T.I and Lil’ Wayne– and launching a range of beauty products called 99 Problems But Bad Skin Ain’t One (OK, one of these isn’t true). Jay-Z has certainly never been as talked about as he is right now. All this may change however if he doesn’t stop messing with shit he shouldn’t be messing with (still been watching too much of The Wire!).

Firstly, he appears on a remix version of M.I.A’s ‘Boyz’, a single taken from her album Kala, which has just been re-released following the success of ‘Paper Planes’. This new version is weak compared to the original and Jay-Z brings precisely nothing to the table except some lumpen political posturing. M.I.A’s new verses aren’t great either though…

Still, at least ‘Boyz’ is a good song and can just about handle being ‘Jay-Zed’. At least it’s not a limp, cliche-ridden dirge. How bad would it be if Jay-Z rocked up on one of those? This bad perhaps…

That’s Coldplay featuring Jay-Z with ‘Lost’. Seamless, don’t you think?


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