A load of bull

Girls are like buses…no, wait…young girls are like buses…no, that’s not right…er, young female singers are like buses, you wait for one and then loads of them all come along at once and you scramble to get your Oyster card out in time before they all drive straight past. Or something. Basically, what with VV Brown, Lady Gaga, Florence & The Machine, GoldieLocks et al currently getting the music industry bigwig’s knickers in a twist, it’s now the turn of London’s thecocknbullkid to join the mass ranks of the ‘critically adored’.

Now, confession time, I first heard this song way back in July and didn’t reckon much. I think I was suffering some kind of hip-young-thing malaise, because it’s actually rather fantastic. Produced by the brilliant Metronomy, ‘On My Own’ is about a hundred times better on the second listen.

Crap video. It kind of distracts from the song, which isn’t really the point. Listen to it here instead and avoid a migraine. Plus, while you’re there you can take a listen to ‘No Cure’, which is a new song that has whistling on it and a really brilliant high note that I can reach but I just don’t feel the need to show off about it…alright!


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