Dark place

There have been some pretty amazing music videos of late; from Gnarls Barkley coming on like an episode of Casualty (on acid) to Radiohead reinventing the very act of making a music video, and now we get the rather brilliant Vampire Weekend promo for new single, ‘Cape Cod Kwasse Kwasse’.

The video was directed by Richard Ayoade, better known as the funny guy off the telly (he’s been in The IT Crowd, The Mighty Boosh and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace), who also directed this.

I like the blurring of the ’80s references, from Wham-style pastel shades and bouffant hair to The Cure references of the goth makeover. Plus, it kind of plays on the misnomer of their name, which on paper implies a goth tribute band when in actuality they’re a bunch of Ivy League, book-reading squares. Once again, the power of the music video at work. It’s like acting or something.


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