Keane go gabba

You may remember Keane as the polite little public school boys who made insipid, piano-led ballads about things changing and other things shaped like beds. You may also remember that cherubic singer, Tom Chaplin, had a stint at the Priory for an addiction to Port and cocaine, a spell that somewhat hindered their last album, Under The Iron Sea. Well, Hastings’ finest are back back back with a new sound and a fetching new look…

It’s like OMD never existed. I was pleasantly surprised in a way, it’s a funny song, things go ‘ohhh’ when you least expect them to. I like the stuttering outro. Unfortunately, this being Keane it’s hindered by two connected factors: there are awful lyrics, and said lyrics are sung by Tom Chaplin. He could sing on an Aphex Twin track and it would still sound like Keane. Some people think this is a good thing, but these people are usually deaf.


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