– Everyone’s favourite rapper and all round good egg, Kanye West, will be greeting American soldiers as they return from fighting in Iraq. That’s right, Kanye West. It’s thought he’ll want to ask them why they didn’t buy his last album and probably haven’t been to any of his groundbreaking gigs (Pitchfork)

– A pasty, dead-eyed Amy Winehouse has been found frozen in time in a cruel form of punishment, probably inflicted by the tabloids to ‘help’ her overcome her problems (NME)

– The Daily Star have written something potentially libelous about Madonna having sex with a tape (Yahoo Music)

– Imagine being a huge fan of Guns N Roses and Dr Dre. Dre’s finally got around to making a new album, nearly NINE years after the last one! I do hope he wasn’t being paid for all that time sitting around eating Oreo cookies (Billboard)


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