Alarming photo of the day

Professional oddball and all round nu-folk sex God Devendra Banhart (currently snugglin’ up with Natalie Portman at night time) has formed a new band called Megapuss. For their debut show in America Banhart thought it obvious to step out wearing some black tights, a rather fetching hat and, oh yes, a belt made of penises. We’ve all been there, right? You’re rifling through your wardrobe trying to dig out something that looks vaguely smart for that big first gig, you can’t decide which shirt to wear or whether to go with the tie, but what you can always rely on is that trusty penis belt. Devendra obviously thought the belt wasn’t quite au naturel enough so he also projected a photo of him in the nude behind the band during the set (calm yourself Kate, there must be photos online somewhere).

Click here to hear some tunage


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