Underrated Album of the week

Ah, this feature is going to run and run, such is it’s originality. We start with ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ by Clipse. Produced by The Neptunes this album was delayed and delayed by an idiotic record company who had arseholes where their ears should have been. When it was finally released no-one cared because they’d all fallen in love with Akon and Will.i.am thus proving that most people are idiots who shouldn’t have been given ears in the first place. Highlights include the brilliantly titled ‘Wamp Wamp (What It Do)’ which seems to have been played on some of Pharrell’s pots and pans, ‘Trill’ and the urgent ‘Ain’t Cha’ featuring the mystifyingly brilliant lyric, “From France where the kids sing Frere Jacques”. Oh yeah, Clipse be down with French nursery rhymes, they’re all over that merde.


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